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The motivation for initiating the WhibOx contest comes from the growing interest of the industry towards white-box cryptography (most particularly for DRMs and mobile payments) and the obvious difficulty of designing secure solutions in a scientifically valid sense. The conjunction of these phenomena has prompted some companies to develop home-made solutions (with a security relying on the secrecy of the underlying techniques) rather than to rely on academic designs.

In such a context, the competition gives an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to confront their (secretly designed) white-box implementations to state-of-the-art attackers. It also provides attackers and evaluators with new training material.

We hope and believe that new ideas will arise from this contest and that they will have a strong, positive impact on both scientific research and industrial know-how in the field of white-box cryptography.

  • Edition 2021
  • Edition 2019
  • Edition 2017

The WhibOx contest is back for a 3rd edition, this time focusing on public-key white-box cryptography. You think you can obfuscate an ECDSA signature implementation and make its secret key hard to extract? You'd like to break white-box ECDSA candidates? This challenge is made for you!

The WhibOx contest 2019 is a white-box cryptography competition organized by CryptoExperts and Cybercrypt as the CHES 2019 CTF Challenge. The contest took place from March 18, 2019 to August 21, 2019. The results were announced at the CHES 2019 Rump Session (slides available at here).

The WhibOx contest 2017 is a white-box cryptography competition organised by the ECRYPT-CSA consortium as the CHES 2017 CTF Challenge. The contest took place from May 15, 2017 to Sep 24, 2017. The results were announced at the CHES 2017 Rump Session.

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