WhibOx Workshops

The challenge of white-box cryptography (WBC) is to develop implementation techniques for cryptographic programs to protect their inner keys against an all-powerful adversary that knows the program and can play with it at will. This area of cryptography has long been overlooked and perceived as “impossible to realize” in spite of a strong industrial demand for reliable construction techniques. With the rise of iO on one hand, the emergence of powerful attack techniques such as DCA on the other, and the accelerated deployment of WBC-based applications on smartphones, the field of WBC is currently at a critical point and has never attracted more attention within the crypto community (academia, industry and government agencies). The WhibOx competitions has shown that this tremendous interest was largely shared within the community, and could also translate into operational work in building or attacking white-box implementations.

  • Edition 2019
  • Edition 2016

The WhibOx 2019 is a two-day workshop organized by Chris Brzuska (Aalto University) and Pascal Paillier (CryptoExperts) and that has taken place in Darmstadt, Germany, on 18th and 19th May 2019, in the same venue as Eurocrypt 2019.

The WhibOx 2016 is a one-day workshop organized by CryptoExperts that has taken place in Santa-Barbara, California, on Sunday 14th August 2016, in the same venue as CRYPTO 2016 and CHES 2016.